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A hydraulic tilting unloading machine maintenance

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 About nine cattle hydraulic tilting unloading machine maintenance

The moisture and dirt attached to the surface of the equipment will corrode the equipment, which will affect the performance and service life of the equipment.
Use a soft towel or sponge dipped in warm water (with neutral detergent) to clean the control cabinet, hydraulic tank, motor and cylinder etc.; use broom clean unloading platform.
For safety, please disconnect the power supply before cleaning the power cabinet, control cabinet and motor.
Do not use hard brush, wire brush, do not use detergent, gasoline, bananas, water, hot water or organic solvent such as acetone acid and alkali cleaning equipment.
Do not spray water to clean the electrical system and hydraulic station, so as not to affect the performance of electrical insulation or affect the quality of hydraulic oil. When cleaning the electrical components such as voltage meters and relays, use a dry cloth
1 add lubricating oil, no paint surface rust oil;
2, a closed motor motor two, down unloading platform, blocking up;
3 broken gate knife, cut off the power supply.
1 equipment lubrication
The oiling mouth every three days to grease (butter) a.
2 replace filter
When the filter sends out warning signal, the filter element should be replaced in time.
3 check the bolts regularly
Regularly check the threaded connections (bolts, nuts, etc.), if loose or fall off, should be promptly tightened or added.

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