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Teach you how to choose the car hydraulic turning

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Hydraulic tipping plate mainly by the unloading platform, a hydraulic station system, a lifting oil cylinder and an electric control system composition, each link closely buckled, a link problems will cause business delays, resulting in loss of manpower and material resources to the company, so the choice of appropriate hydraulic turning plate is important. Nine cattle after more than 10 years of exploration and practice, summed up a set of mature experience, feel in the choice of hydraulic turning board, you may wish to consider from the following several aspects:


(First)  from the cost, equipment adaptability and other aspects should be considered:

1, tipping board installation location

The installation position is determined to select the appropriate side plate or the back flip flip board

2, local transportation main types of cars

The type of food is to determine the appropriate car rollover flap and after looking through the plate.

3, investment costs

Generally speaking, a turning plate investment cost is higher than the rollover 10-20%.

4, the local climate conditions

According to the local climate to determine whether the use of hydraulic power station and heating system, hydraulic oil is the use of antifreeze. Determine the condition is to


(NO.2) from the equipment itself should be considered

1. Look at the material and structure of the platform to investigate the strength and rigidity of the platform.

2, inspect cylinder form and structure and stability

(1), cylinder seals: for a long time under high temperature and high pressure high speed main seal easy deformation of the aging, again good oil seal in this case have variant chance, good seal variant probability of small bale and seal deformation is easy to leak, use good oil seal is to reduce oil leakage is one of the key and good seal Hercules in the United States, Japan NOK, British hallite brands such as, but it should be noted that is a copy of the brands on the market a lot.

(2), a guide bushing, guide sleeve is influence the service life of the oil cylinder is one of the key components, good guide bushing lubrication, cylinder wear small bushing itself, long service life, good Bush usually adopts copper material, because the copper price is expensive, therefore, often used nylon and other materials to replace copper, the effect of natural a lot worse.

(3) smooth operation of the oil cylinder

3, hydraulic station

(1): ATOS, Rexroth hydraulic motor, oil research, vicese etc.

(2) proportional valves and other hydraulic control components of the origin and brand

(3) energy saving

(4) the improvement of the hydraulic system function

Cylinder synchronous control: synchronous motor, proportional valve

4, control system

Electrical components of the brand: Schneider, SIEMENS, etc.

Operating system: button operation, display operation and remote control operation, the three can be arbitrarily selected, easy to operate

5, the manufacturer of processing equipment: processing equipment is the most basic quality of hydraulic tipping.

Sand blasting system (to ensure that the platform completely rust)

Oil cylinder and hydraulic system of the cleaning device (to ensure the smooth flow of hydraulic valves)

Detecting device for oil cylinder and hydraulic system

(NO.3) the safety aspects of the use of the equipment should be considered

1, the strength and rigidity of the platform (according to the specific requirements, the choice of different load bearing capacity of the platform, such as the maximum unloading capacity of 60 tons, can choose 12*3m or 12*3.5m platform);

2, the oil cylinder, the design of the work pressure can not be more than 12MPa.

3, hydraulic system

When the oil pipe is leaking, the oil cylinder can be self locked.

When power failure and equipment failure, the platform can rely on manual adjustment of one-way valve down.


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